Major Games Selection

XXII Commonwealth Games, Birmingham (28th Jul – 08th Aug 2022) 

XIX Asian Games, Hangzhou (10th Sep – 25th Sep 2022) 



Only Indian citizens with Indian passports are eligible to represent India.

Triathlete Quota for the Games:

  • Up to 2 men & 2 women may be selected for the Individual event
  • Corresponding 2 men & 2 women will be required to participate in the mixed relay event

Selection trials event details:

Event No. Date Event Distance Location
1 27 Feb 1st Selection Trial Super Sprint Chennai
2 2-3 Apr 2nd Selection Trial - Asia Triathlon Cup and South Asian Championships Sprint Nepal
3 18-24 Apr 3rd Selection Camp & Trial Camp/ITT Chennai


    1. All athletes should have a verified and active ITF PIN.
    2. The dates mentioned above are tentative
    3. Athletes for the 1st selection trial will be invited based on the last three ITF National Championships, top 3 finishers in 2 qualification races held in 2021, and athletes ranked in the top 10 ITF January 2022 Elite National Ranking. The ITF reserves the right to call such other athlete who, in their opinion, are promising enough to represent India at these championships.
    4. The names of the top 2 finishers plus 1 reserve from the 1st selection trial (Male & Female) may be forwarded (as representing India) for participation in the South Asian Championship, Pokhara (2-3 April).
    5. Other athletes from the 1st selection trial may be entered to participate in the open event at the Asia Cup, Pokhara (2-3 April).
    6. The selection committee will consider the performance of trials 1 & 2 for the 3rd selection camp & trial.
    7. Indian Contingent (2 male & 2 Female) for the games will be finalised by the selection committee post the 3rd selection camp/trial.
    8. The decision of the selection committee will be final and binding.