Only Indian citizens with Indian passports are eligible to represent India.

Selection criteria for National camp + International participation

  • Top 4 elite men + 4 elite women with the best timing during qualification events will be selected for high-performance camps.
  • Subject to government funding, we aim to support selected athletes to participate in World Triathlon events with Mixed Relay/Olympic/Sprint distances.

Selection criteria for Commonwealth Games & Asian Games 2022

  • We see a potential to finish top 6 at the Asian Games and top 10 at the Commonwealth Games mixed relay events.
  • We aim to select the 2 best elite men & 2 elite women from the camps. Additionally, 2 elite men & 2 elite women will be part of the squad as reserves.


Selection of Indian Team will be based on ITF National Rankings and performance at National Championships. In case of non-occurrence of the National National Championships or non usage of Ranking system due to unforeseen reasons, the Selection Committee selects the individuals /Teams to represent India in International events. Other factors like the performance of the players in District & State meets, the physical fitness tests, the attitude and the discipline of the athletes may also be considered for the selection of the triathletes to represent India in International events.


  • The President/ General Secretary of the Federation
  • Women’s coach
  • Men’s coach
  • An eminent ex- sportsperson